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PRODUCT How to improve your productivity using powerDOCUMENTS?

How to improve your productivity using powerDOCUMENTS ?

In a daily working environment, you have to accomplish different tasks. While sitting on your desktop, you may have to look for Word documents or an Excel sheet, create a Powerpoint presentation or search for information on the web. 

All this information and files are usually stored at different places, either on your own desktop or in a network environment, on a server. It is quite tedious to find this information, as sometimes you may know the name of files or you may not. You may posses information about the content or you may just have a vague idea. You may not be able to access this information at all and it hinders you in fulfilling your duties.

powerDOCUMENTS gives you the possibility to simplify and speed up this procedure through,

  • defining individual structures (My Structure) to store your individual information directly in Knowledge Documents
  • usage of individual structures (My Structure) to add meta information if needed
  • assignment of contents and attachments to Search Keywords
  • navigating the Search Keywords tree structure
  • detaching physical files and information about their contents from each other
  • search functionalities which can either be full text searches or are restricted to selected keywords to achieve a very high hit rate.

powerDOCUMENTS is to be seen as a layer on top of the files and information needed to fulfill your tasks. This layer comprises of Search Keywords and My Structure. Using meta information as content of My Structure and full text search capabilities, one can even find attachments, which do not contain the text entered in the fulltext search itself.

Using the capabilities of powerDOCUMENTS, you get a single entry point to access all relevant information without the need to know the contents and where they are actually stored. This is a real benefit when the information is being shared throughout an organization.


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