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What is a Knowledge Document?
How to improve your productivity using powerDOCUMENTS?
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powerDOCUMENTS - structure, archive and find your knowledge!

powerDOCUMENTS is a Desktop Application, based on Microsoft .net Technology. The scope and usage of powerDOCUMENTS is embedded in the structured archiving and documented storage of any existing and/or new knowledge which is to be retrieved later. It can be deployed intelligently for the following:
  • Accumulation & Benefit from the stored Knowledge
  • Easy retrieval through structured archiving
  • Productivity enhancement in the team

powerDOCUMENTS offers the possibility to navigate through the hierarchical search keyword structure and full text search to find the required Knowledge.

Access to the stored knowledge documents can be controlled over the integrated user administration. Using different read and write permissions, usage can be defined according to the authorization and security policy. Optionally, the user administration can be switched off, e.g. if only one desktop is in use.

powerDOCUMENTS can be utilized to create different Knowledge Retention Solutions:
  • For retaining valuable and expert knowledge of employees in an organization
  • Knowledge Base for Helpdesk
  • Project reporting archive
  • Documentation of experiences about critical processes in a company
  • Archiving correspondence, interesting text passages or URLs from the Internet
  • Customer information system
  • Support Database for Call Centre
  • Support for writing technical documentation or books
  • Knowledge Database for Freelancers and Journalists
  • etc.
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What is a knowledge document?
How to improve your productivity using powerDOCUMENTS?
How to get started using first steps?
How to manage knowledge in small and mid-size companies?
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Technical Requirements
powerDOCUMENTS runs under different Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows NT4, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP and 2003 Server. Mircosoft .net Framework is a prerequisite on your operating system.